Female Waxing Services (Hair Removal)


Eyebrow (Clean up) -$10




Full Face-$45 (Includes Eyebrow, Lip, Chin, Sideburn)

Upper Body

Axilla (Underarm)- $16

Half Arm- $25

(Forearm, we waxed from the elbow to fingertips)

Full Arm- $35

(Hair is waxed from the tip of your finger to the top of your shoulders)

Stomach Strip- $14

Full Stomach- $25

(Hair is removed from your sternum to your hip bones.)

Half Back- $15

(Your choice of Upper back or Lower back.)

Full Back-30 

(Hair Waxed from the base of your neck to the small of you back, including shoulders.)

Lower Body 

Inner Thigh- $14

Upper Leg- $35

(Not includes inner thigh.)

Lower Leg- $35

(Hair is removed from the top of the knee down to the toes.)

Full Leg- $70

(Hair is removed from the tip o f your toes to the top of your thighs.)

Female Bikini- $35

(Hair is removed outside of your panty line, plus a little off the top. Creates a clean, yet natural shape.)

Female Brazilian- $65

(Front and Back)

Butt Strip- $14 

(The strip in between the buttocks.)

Full Butt- $25 

(Hair is remove from the cheek and the strip in between the buttocks.)